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The Naughty Dog factory brought us the successful Crash Bandicoot video game series. The character is a kind of genetically modified fox capable of walking on two legs and behaving like a human person. His greatest enemy is Dr. Cortex, an evil man who has stolen all the gems in the world and has spread them over countless levels that you will now have to solve together with Crash Bandicoot. You will have to go through these levels with the help of a mask that gives you extra lives, as well as being able to collect apples that if you accumulate them will give you life and the gems that are hidden throughout the levels. To get rid of the enemies you will have to jump on top of them or spin like a top to hit them without taking damage. Jump on the boxes of dynamite to explode them and get more extra points, in addition to the fact that they can be used to kill enemies. The Crash Bandicoot version also had its Crash Kart series, a game similar to Mario Kart but with the characters from these games.

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