Pokémon: Platinum Edition

Pokémon: Platinum Edition

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Pokémon: Platinum Edition
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Pokémon: Platinum Edition

Pokémon: Platinum Edition

It is an online game of Pokémon

The Platinum Edition of Pokémon is the third game in which we are introduced to the fourth generation of Pokémon and we return to the Sinnoh region. To start your adventure, you will have to find the professor who will offer you one of the starter Pokémon of this generation: Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup.
The basic objective is that of all Pokémon games, which is to create a good team with which to face the gym leaders and win the medals that allow you to access the Pokémon League. In between, we're going to have to fight Team Galaxy to thwart their plans. You can't miss the Platinum edition of Pokémon that was a hit on Nintendo DS.
Get ready to play the game Pokémon: Platinum Edition , it is free from our servers, it is one of the most played Pokémon games on the web.

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