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The latest in online multiplayer games come from the hand of .IO, some games that are going viral on networks and YouTube for their addictive way of playing and their characteristic top down perspective. It all started with the famous game and was followed by many other successful ones like,, and many more. They have in common that we are all on a server, a big screen and in which we have to make our skin grow, be it a ball, a fish, a snake or a worm. In you had a lot of advantage if you were very big since it's easy to eat your enemies just by being bigger, but with games like that changed. In the games with worms and snakes it doesn't matter how big you are because if a little one gets in your way and you crash into his body you will be dead and he will be able to eat all the balls you drop. Fight against your rivals to reach the Top 1 of the server.