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Chinese solitaire is Mahjong 🔥

Mahjong: The ancient Chinese game

Mahjong, also known as sparrow , is one of the oldest board games and historians place its origin back in 500 BC. C. and that would be created by Confucius. But, the classic Chinese game that we know as such has a more recent origin and began to spread to the West from the 20s of the 20th century. The original game consists of 144 tiles and the ideal number of players is 4, although 3 can also play. Each player receives 13 tiles at the start of the game and they must draw one, which will be 14.
Yes, Mahjong is a board game for more than one player, although the most widespread version in our country is Mahjong solitaire, a variant that uses the tiles of this popular game and offers us a challenge for a single player. Solitaire Mahjong is also known as Shanghai and the goal is to match the same tiles to clear the level.
On our website you will be able to find multiple versions of Mahjong Solitaire and we want you to have fun with your favorite characters in the special editions that we have created for you.

How to play Mahjong online

The original Mahjong game has somewhat more complex rules and perhaps that has been the determining factor in the fact that in our country and in the online world, above all, what has spread the most is solitaire Mahjong. Here the mechanics are much simpler since you will have to keep matching the tiles to make them disappear.
There is a handicap and that is that as long as a tile is surrounded to the left and right by other tiles, we will not be able to select it. To achieve this, we must unlock one of the two flanks and thus we will enable the card to continue getting pairs.
The difficulty is really in thinking through each movement because there are several combinations of pairings and you must find the correct one so that you can clear the entire level. It is a solo skill game in which only you can find the solution.

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The tiles of the Mahjong games have a very characteristic appearance and it is that we see how the billion numbers, the bamboos and the points are some of the ones that best represent this game. However, its great success has led to multiple versions of this game being created. In addition, to make it more attractive to the youngest, they have been themed with different characters, cartoon series and characters from other video games.
This is how you will be able to enjoy the funniest versions of this solitaire such as Mahjong from The Simpsons, Mahjong from Goku or the one dedicated to FNAF and many other characters. These Mahjong are of their own creation, so you can only have fun with these titles on our website. Explore our section of Mahjong Solitaire games and have unlimited fun at!